Curbside Pickup Orders

Dessertcrazy is the first keto, low carb, gluten-free, and diabetic friendly bakery in Philadelphia.

We are opening up for pickup orders!

Here’s how you can order.

Place your order online here on the website Sunday-Wednesday.
Pickup your order on Saturday from 10-6.
Payment is due via credit/debit card when the order is placed.

Here is the pickup procedure:
Arrive at the shop, we will have a table at the door. Tell us your name, and we’ll go get your bag. Please stand back 6 ft at the tape mark while we set your order on the table. We’ll then place your bag on the table.

Alternative: Pull up and park in front of the shop. Open your trunk, and tell us your name.
We’ll place your bag in the trunk for you.

We will have a few extras that will be available on Grubhub Saturday only, but don’t count on them being there, it’s first come first served! When we’re out, we’re out!

There will be a list of retail items available, if you would like any of them, we can give you a total, and you
can pay via paypal or venmo.

We are asking that you wear a mask to conduct your transaction. I’m Candice, the owner, and I’m on immunosuppressants. Please keep me safe! We will be conducting temperature checks of all employees, and wearing masks ourselves to keep you safe. If you cannot wear a mask, please stand back and let us know, while maintaining social distancing, we can still accommodate you!

Thank you for your patience during these trying times.

Stay safe, stay healthy!