My Story, Candice Conway

Several years ago, I was utterly surprised at my yearly physical.  I was diagnosed as being prediabetic. YIKES! It took me by surprise, as I was only 6 lbs over my healthy BMI at the time.  Having seen my uncle suffer horrible side effects from type II diabetes, I said “no way”! I found the keto diet, and realized it would help me.  I was also heartbroken. I’ve loved baking my whole life, and to not be able to eat or bake wonderful goodies seemed like torture.

I decided to try keto baking.  At first, it was a disaster. Most of my early attempts were spit-it-out bad.  I wasn’t about to give up though, I knew it had to be possible. At that point, I started doing research into the food science of keto.  It wasn’t too long a stretch, since my background is in science. I have degrees in biology and chemistry, and I did my graduate work in biology.  On top of that, I have worked in a number of bakeries and had my own business as a freelance pastry chef. If anyone could figure it out, I should have the background to do it!

As my goodies got better and better, I started to realize that I had a much easier time of doing keto.  I didn’t feel deprived. I heard a number of people say that they would love to try keto, but they weren’t willing to give up baked goods.  I realized that there was something missing in my beloved city, Philadelphia. There was no dedicated keto/low carb bakery. I felt I needed to share my creations with all my neighbors.  In addition, many homes in the USA have no access to keto baked goods. I’m adding mail order so they can be happy with their keto lifestyle also.  

I was also frustrated with how few keto products I could find to buy locally.  I’m adding a retail section to the shop, with all sorts of hard to find keto items.  Since other people are creating wonderful new keto products, I’m going to have many of them for sale also, such as Keto Ice Cream from Killer Creamery.

The best news for me?  My last A1c was perfectly normal, and I’m at a healthy weight.  All while eating cupcakes.